Raising Nurses Voices: Video and Resources

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Raising Nurses Voices - Video and Resources:

'Year' of the Nurse: 2020 - 2021. We wanted to thank Nurses for so many things, so we created this little video to support nurses in their quest for better representation in the media and in healthcare policy.

We were inspired by a recent webinar, "Strengthening the Nursing Workforce" given by the NIHCM and The Journalist's Resource, where we learned about the importance of strengthening nurses’ voices, not only in healthcare organizations, but in the media, and toward participation in healthcare policy.

We discovered how we're still decades behind on this issue--even after the pandemic brought us story after story, showcasing the critical work of healthcare frontliners.


In addition to the video message "Raising Nurses Voices" we're launching an online news portal this month where we're going to provide original and curated content, information, and resources (and lots of humor) for the lifecycle of a career in healthcare.

We're learning from the pros, and we want to gather and create the best content for you. We hope you'll join us on this journey, inspired by you.