Scrubs for All Shapes & Sizes: A Guide to Different Brands

Scrubs for All Shapes & Sizes: A Guide to Different Brands

Scrubs for All Shapes & Sizes: A Guide to Different Brands

If you've ever struggled with finding the perfect fit while shopping online, fret no more. It's time to navigate the world of scrubs tailored to embrace every body shape, ensuring you look and feel fantastic with every wear!

Dive into our comprehensive guide on different brands and how they cater to various body shapes so you can confidently strut your stuff in workwear scrubs that fit like a dream.

Women's Scrubs that flatter, not frustrate. Find your fit.


Contemporary fit scrubs are your new best friends for the sporty gals. Imagine scrub tops that perfectly enhance your silhouette and pants that combine style and mobility. Our top pick? Infinity's Women's Antimicrobial Mock Wrap Top and mid-rise tapered Jogger pants, complemented by a Warm-up Jacket for added style. Check out other dynamic brands like Vince Camuto or Allura for more options.


    If you rock a pear shape, fear not, for scrubs are tailored just for you. Brands like Skechers offer Modern Fit styles that tackle common fit challenges, especially with pants. Eliminate the back gap with half-elastic waist pants that adapt to your body beautifully. Complete your look with a zip-up jacket for the ultimate style statement.


      Maintaining a good fit is critical for those with round curves. Opt for classic fit tops from Cherokee Workwear Originals or Revolution, which are designed with shaping and ample pockets. Pair them with Luv Scrubs' comfy pants for a seamless blend of style and comfort.

        Inverted Triangle: 

        If you fall into the inverted triangle category, keeping your top covered and your bottoms up can be a challenge sometimes. Look for contemporary fit scrubs that cater to broad shoulders and narrower waists, like Allura Select or Vince Camuto, featuring styles that ensure your scrubs stay put all day.

        Men's Medical Scrubs: Comfort and confidence in every shift. Discover the perfect scrub fit.


        For men on the lean side, rejoice! Brands with a modern fit would be perfect for you. Brands like HH Works or Epic by MedWorks offer tailored tops and pants that ensure style and comfort.


          Have you got some muscles to flex? Carhartt is your go-to brand for scrubs designed to complement your muscular build. With Ripstop technology for durability and various colors, you'll look and feel your best all day.


            For men with a rounded shape, opt for scrubs that offer a roomy feel, like Cherokee's line of men's scrubs. These scrubs are designed for comfort and movement, allowing you to rock your shift easily and in any style.

              It's All About How You Feel:

              Remember, choosing scrubs is all about how they make you feel. It's not just the brand that matters; it's the fit that matters. Use size charts, explore various styles, and find the scrubs that empower you to excel on your next shift.
                Armed with these tailored tips, you're ready to rock your scrubs confidently, no matter your body type!
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