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Scrubs for All Shapes & Sizes: A Guide to Different Brands

Scrubs for All Shapes & Sizes: A Guide to Different Brands

"We’re all familiar with the most challenging part of shopping online…trying to figure out fit! Sure, there are sizing charts and we can tape our inseam and waist, but sometimes the difficulty has more to do with the actual shape of the clothing, rather than the volume of fabric. For those of you who need some shiny, new scrubs, I’m here to guide you through shopping, no matter what shape you are!"

A Guide to Different Brands



Being athletically built does not mean that you need to buy men’s scrubs! So many ladies have made this mistake after realizing that many women’s scrub brands just don’t fit and you end up constantly pulling up your pants and wearing oversized tops with zero femininity! It’s just not fair! So, let’s get you back to looking and feeling fabulous in your workwear! First, start with a top that is made for women and actually creates a waist for you! Revolution has a mock wrap top that is perfect for the job! Don’t stop there though, because if temperatures permit, pairing a jacket with your scrub top is going to accentuate your waist even more! Sketchers Warmup Jacket is perfect, especially if worn open in the front! When looking for a pant, you can be a little more flexible, but be sure to look for something with a bit of flare at the bottom for balance.


While a pear shape may make buying tops a breeze, you know your bottoms are a nightmare! They’re either too large in the legs, too small on the hips, or you get the dreaded gap at the back!! Enter, Grey’s Anatomy! Their tops are beautiful, but for pear shaped ladies, their pants are where it’s at! The fabric is high quality and they have a flat waist that it actually elastic in the back (just what you need to avoid the dreaded GAP)! The colors are vibrant and the fit is beautiful! Add a warmup jacket for a completed look!


Ladies with a rounded shape tend to fall into the trap of buying oversized, flowy clothing to hide their curves. When it comes to scrubs however, it’s important to maintain a good fit so you look good, feel comfortable, and don’t contribute to the spread of germs. Consider tops that offer some shaping, such as this mock wrap top by Landau ScrubZone that comes in sizes up to 3x and is offered in absolutely beautiful prints! Pair this with comfortable pants from Fundamentals that come in sizes up to 7x and you’ll surely be comfortable enough to focus on rocking your shift!

Inverted Triangle

If you fall into the inverted triangle category, you know there are two unique challenges that you face with your clothing, keeping your top covered and your bottoms up! Let’s talk tops first! While those typical V-neck scrubs look nice, you’re probably forced to pull it up all day, or wear layers underneath that leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. This is where Cherokee, with their Infinity Round Neck scrub tops saves the day! The rounded neckline with an added stretch feature, will keep your top covered without all the extra bulk! Additionally, the cut accentuates your waist so you won’t end up in a baggy top that looks messy! Pair your top with a Sketchers A-shaped pant that’ll balance your shape and you’ll look great with a fit that won’t sag!

Scrubs for all shapes and sizes!



Men! Being lean does not mean that your only scrub options are those made for women. With more and more men entering the field, there are an increasing number of brands making men’s fits that work for all different body types. If you’re more on the lean side, check out the men’s scrubs by HH Works. Their tops and pants are both tailored to ensure that you look good and that you’re comfortable. In fact, their pants are so well fit, they could pass for everyday wear!


For those of you with a more muscular build, Carhartt is a definite win! Both their tops and bottoms are designed with men’s bodies in mind and the shape is created specifically with your body type in mind! Here’s a bonus: not only will your scrubs fit well, but their Ripstop technology ensures that when you bend or reach, you won’t tear your uniform. They come in all the colors you can expect and are heavy duty enough to last! Seriously guys, these things are amazing!


If your shape is more rounded, a tailored fit like HH Works or Carhartt may not be quite right for you. But, there is a company who understands this and makes scrubs to fit! Cherokee hits the nail on the head with their line of men’s scrubs! They come in sizes up to 3X, are made with a breathable fabric, and are created with a roomy feel to allow you to move freely! After so many years of experience, they really have this scrub thing down to a T!

As you shop, keep in mind that looking good doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re buying a certain popular brand or whatever your friends like and wear. In fact, looking and feeling good in your scrubs has everything to do with fit! Use this guide and be sure to check the sizing charts for proper ordering and you’ll absolutely rock your next shift!