Finding Your Perfect Fit: Navigating the Styles and Fits of Scrubs

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Navigating the Styles and Fits of Scrubs

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Navigating the Styles and Fits of Scrubs

In the diverse world of healthcare, scrubs are more than just basic healthcare apparel; they're a crucial part of a professional's daily life. Understanding the various fits and styles available can significantly impact comfort, functionality, and personal expression on the job. That’s why we’re diving deep into the different fits and styles of scrubs, from Classic to Modern, Contemporary, and Jogger to Unisex, helping you discover which one aligns with your preferences and needs.

The Evolution of Scrub Styles

Believe it or not, scrubs are a relatively recent development in nursing uniforms. Before the mid-19th century, family and friends caring for the sick and elderly primarily comprised the nursing field. There were no formal schools, standard practices, or customary uniforms. It wasn’t until 1860, when Florence Nightingale established the first school of nursing, that standardized uniforms for nurses were born. In fitting with the times, protecting nurses from infectious diseases, and attempting to establish a look worthy of respect, Nightingale required nurses in her school to wear long-sleeved, floor-length blue dresses, white cross aprons, and white bonnets.
Long dresses and apron-style nursing uniforms remained standard until fabric rationing during World War II required shortening hemlines and sleeves. This somewhat less formal style eventually gave way to modern-day scrub sets as women wearing pants became more acceptable during the 1960s. However, the uniforms were bare even then, with limited styling availability.
We are fortunate to live in an age of forward fashion, including scrub styling! The limitless color and print options, flattering cuts, and countless fabric blends mean there’s a perfect scrub option for every nurse. With so many to choose from, how do you decide on the ideal uniform? Let’s start by reviewing some style groupings.
Nurse wearing classic fit scrubs in caribbean blue.

Classic Fit: Timeless Comfort

Suppose your professional style remains timeless over the years. You’re probably a fan of classic scrub fits. Classic fit scrubs are cut with comfort in mind, giving you room to move in a relaxed and flexible style. While color and print choices abound, these scrubs stick to the standard features with short sleeves and enough room in the waist to give shape without hugging your body. The pants often feature a comfortable fit, elastic band, and hallmark straight legs to keep the pants from brushing against the floor.
Modest and fashionable scrub skirts and dresses fall into this category as well. Available in the same range of colors as scrub pants, these heavy-duty skirts and dresses are cut below the knee for modesty and are designed with functional pockets and durable materials.
Start here to find comfortable scrubs: MedWorks Luv Scrubs.
Male & female nurses wearing mondern fit scrubs.

Modern Fit: Sleek and Functional

If you’d describe your style as something more updated, the sleek and functional designs of the modern fit scrubs suit you. It’s not difficult to compare classic fit vs modern fit scrubs. It all comes down to shape. Modern tops have a slightly curvier feel, and the pants have a straighter leg, emphasizing your overall shape. The tie-string waists are replacing the classic elastic waistband, making these scrubs a little more giving in that area.

While the cut and fit of these highly functional scrubs are more modern, they don’t forget the basic needs of hard-working nurses. You’ll find plenty of pockets, and while the durability is as good as any, these scrubs tend to be manufactured with a little more stretch and flexibility in mind.

Find functional scrubs for long shifts: HH-Works Women's Monica Multi-Pocket Scrub Top.

Nurse and CNA wearing contemporary fit scrubs.

Contemporary Fit: Fashion-forward and Professional

Are you a fashion-forward nurse who wants to look as good at work as you at home? Contemporary scrub styles are made just for you! These scrubs are inspired by the latest trends and are cut to flatter your figure. From curve-hugging tops to the famous tapered legs, these uniforms feature the sleekest looks. The fabric options in this category are always top-of-the-line, affording you the best antimicrobial properties and comfort while giving you a stunning appearance.

What’s especially nice about these lines of scrubs are the features. Many of the tops come standard with stretch side panels and side slits, allowing full range of motion even with a more form-fitting cut, and the pants are loaded with pockets, both front and back.

Explore contemporary medical uniform options: Infinity Women's Round Neck Scrub Top.

Jogger Scrubs: Contemporary and Athletic-Inspired

The most trendy in 2024 are the jogger scrubs. These scrubs are cut with a tapered leg and elastic cuffs at the bottom, keeping your pants up on the ankle and preventing the dreaded drag across the hospital floor. Not only that, but the sporty style lends itself to a fun yet professional image.

Available in men’s and women’s styles, these uniform pants have an elastic or drawstring waistband, which provides excellent comfort. They’re also manufactured with just enough spandex to allow for some stretch and flexibility, yet not so much that they build up static or wear out.

Do you find that you’re always cold at work? No worries! Lined options are available in this category to keep you warm and relaxed throughout your shift.

Our choice for best jogger scrub pants: Epic by MedWorks Women's Yoga Jogger Scrub Pant

Unisex Scrubs: Inclusive and Relaxed Fit

To promote inclusivity and accommodate individuals of all genders, Scrub Pro features an expansive line of unisex scrubs. These scrubs accommodate all body styles and encourage total comfort and flexibility. The elemental fit of these uniforms is roomy and relaxed, and most of the pants feature a drawstring for a customizable waist. Are you looking for tops with no pockets? This category has them! Want lots of pockets? It has those, too!

Unisex scrubs provide a professional look, all with neutral styling, making them a top choice for all body shapes in any healthcare field.

Our favorite unisex scrub option: Luv Scrubs by MedWorks Women's Pocketless Jogger

How to Choose Your Fit: The Right Medical Scrubs for You!

Choosing comfortable scrubs that fit your style and body type doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve got a guide for that! To keep things simple, we’ll highlight the four most important considerations when choosing your scrubs:


When choosing the right scrubs, start with style. What is your style, or what style would you like to portray? Are you going for a sporty look? Maybe jogger scrubs are best for you. Do you want a tailored, professional look? Contemporary scrubs will likely fit the bill. Do you prioritize comfort over styling? Something a little more classic is what you need. Each style category houses many options, so starting here is your best bet. 


Fit options within each category can vary widely, so you must consider how you want your uniforms to fit. Do you prefer form-fitting scrubs that hold close to your body or a more relaxed fit that doesn’t accentuate your curves? How do you feel about elastic cuffs at the ankle? Do you find that your pants often drag on the floor? What scrub sizes are available in your chosen style? Ask yourself these questions when deciding on a fit that is right for you.


Regardless of your chosen style, your scrubs need to work for you. You need to be comfortable and able to move about your shift freely. If you’ve ever worn ill-fitting scrubs, you know it can ruin your day. So before you upgrade, take a moment to consider the job you need your scrubs to do. Is your job fast-paced, requiring scrubs that’ll keep you cool? Or are you spending your shifts in a cool operating room and requiring something lined for warmth? Do you work on a busy Infectious Disease floor? You might want to consider something with anti-static and antimicrobial properties. Regardless of your career, make sure your scrubs fit the job.


Once you’ve chosen scrubs that represent your style, fit, and function preferences, you’ll want to explore the most essential features. The best scrubs are pockets in all the right places (or if you prefer, no pockets) and features that leave you feeling like you’d never want to work in any other uniform. Prepare by creating a list of features that are your must-haves. This will narrow your search to the exact brand and style that’ll benefit you.

Choosing the perfect medical uniform can make the difference between loving your career and dreading every shift. So, take the time to carefully consider what makes you fall in love with your scrubs, and be sure to choose wisely.

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