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Maternity Scrubs – Why you NEED them!

Maternity Scrubs – Why you NEED them!

"Working your tail off is hard enough while pregnant – no need to tolerate uncomfortable scrubs!  Many nurses think that scrubs can size up during pregnancy since they are somewhat forgiving.  That would be wrong." - Karen Stockdale. 
Please do NOT do this!
I remember working the 3-11 shift on a BUSY cardiac floor during my first pregnancy.  When we wheeled a patient out, the room was being stat-cleaned, and another patient was rolling in from the ED.  You know the drill.  I could tie the drawstring differently and hike those too-big scrubs someone gave me over my belly.  There's nothing like your entire nursing unit getting a great view of your cotton granny panties as you shuffle down the hall with your arms full of linens. Yep, my pants fell at the change of shift. It was mortifying!

Why You Should Invest in Some Maternity Scrubs:

  • You deserve to not feel any weirder in your body than you already do.
  • You want to keep your pants on.
  • You want to be “cute” pregnant, not “oh-you-poor-thing” pregnant.
  • If you will spend that many hours at work, you need clothes that fit.
  • While your belly gets bigger, the other parts of you probably won’t—so if you size up a few, you will have a gaping top and huge scarecrow scrub legs. 
  • You will buy a million cute baby outfits – so buy yourself some too.

Times are changing, and most scrub brands (see my post on the Top Ten here) make scrubs that support you throughout your pregnancy.  Some great tips from fellow nurses can also make work life easier during this time—check out and ScrubsMag for some inspiration (and empathy).    

Best Features of Maternity Scrubs:

  • Elastic panels that adjust to your growing belly.  Some are mid-rise, and some are empire waist.  Try some on to figure out what you like.
  • Adjustable tops – most either have stretchy side panels or wrap and tie in the back to allow for growth.
  • Soft, lightweight fabrics. Believe me, you are going to be hot and itchy. It would be best if you had this. 
  • Lots of pockets—you need to get all of the things and take them down the hall. There will be no multiple trips for you. You are prepared.
  • Cute colors and patterns – you are not stuck with sheep and teddy bears anymore (unless you like that).  Sophisticated colors and trims are here to stay.

Other Options to Consider:

Are you not a wrap-top type of lady? Some nurses prefer to wear maternity scrub pants with a T-shirt like a maternity top and a jacket or button-up top. This gives more options for pockets, mixing, and matching. 
They are not technically part of the uniform – but should be - compression socks.  Girl – you do NOT want varicose veins, and these socks can help control swelling at the end of pregnancy.  They come in cute patterns, too. Plus, there is that whole feeling of taking them off at the end of the day……
So, what should you expect when you're expecting? Maternity scrubs! You will not regret it—and your coworkers might thank you, too!
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