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The Best Heavy Duty Scrub Brands & Why You Need Them

The Best Heavy Duty Scrub Brands & Why You Need Them

Very few nurses sit behind desks in comfy, temperature-controlled offices all day. Most of us are busting our rumps as we navigate from patient to patient, through crowded rooms, dealing with a whole host of body fluids and substances. It’s during these days that we realize that our ultra-soft scrubs, made of 100% cotton, might not always stand up to getting caught on the corner of that shelf for the 12th time or our constant bending and pulling throughout the shift. Cotton is undoubtedly breathable and excellent for keeping us cool. Still, more durable material is necessary for those of us in the trenches of high-acuity, high-ratio patient care!
Stay comfortable while resting, and be assured that your scrubs will hold up to anything! Check out these TOP heavy-duty scrubs…
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Cherokee Medical Uniforms: Designed to Last

The Cherokee brand is often overlooked as a great workhorse scrub, but it’s one of the best! The brand has been around since 1972, and when it comes to uniforms and work gear, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their craft! The poly/cotton blend makes them heavy-duty enough to stand up to anything you throw at them, and they seriously have more options for both men and women than you can imagine! Do you want pockets? They’ve got pockets! Do you want something simple? You’ll find it! Scrub jackets, lab coats, and even compression socks! In addition to offering a zillion great options, they’re super affordable. There’s a reason why schools prefer them for students…because it’s what they can afford, AND they’ll hold up throughout the entire clinical period! Why not take advantage of that once you hit the floor?
Tip: Ladies, if you’re like me and find that the Cherokee scrub pants don’t fit your particular shape very well (ahem….pear), try these men’s pants with a drawstring. You’ll thank me later!

Carhartt Scrubs: Built for the Toughest Shifts

Indeed, when you think Carhartt, you envision a strapping farmer in a field of straw sometime shortly before sunrise. His tan-colored, heavy-duty overalls, steel-toed work boots, and determined expression give the impression that he’s not only challenging but about to do something extraordinary! Luckily for us nurses, the farmers aren’t the only ones who look great in Carhartt! In the past several years, they’ve come on the scene as a real contender in offering heavy-duty and stylish scrubs! All of their scrubs contain their RipStop technology that ensures you won’t tear when bending or snagging on corners, and they provide the same options as their contenders regarding sizes and colors. Oh! Did I mention the tagless labels (one of my favorites regarding options!)? The other thing I love about the Carhartt line is their pants. They don’t look like scrub pants; they have more of a khaki pants shape and style.
Cherokee and Carhartt are the top picks for the heaviest duty needs! Whether you’re working a hurricane relief effort for FEMA or another Saturday night in the ED, you’ll be set! But there are several other brands that, while not as well known as the first two, will still stand the test of time and take a beating throughout the day!
Wonderwink Medical Uniforms: Invest in Comfort, Durability & Functionality
Wonderwink scrubs are one of the top picks for comfort, durability, and POCKETS! They’re excellent if you work in a position where you need all your stuff to be within reach. The other fabulous thing about Wonderwink is its maternity line. Gone are the days of wearing extra-large men’s pants and a regular maternity shirt to work. Nurses must look professional and fashionable throughout the 9-month journey; these scrubs make it happen! Seriously, check out this Maternity Mock Wrap top. I’d wear that even if I wasn’t expecting it! The good news is that I don’t have to do that because their 5-Pocket V-Neck Top is just as lovely!

Luv Scrubs by MedWorks: Heavy-Duty Healthcare Apparel

With a name like Luv Scrubs, it’s hard to believe that these uniforms are strict, but they are! The Poly/Cotton blend creates a durable scrub that’ll hold up as well as anything else on the list but for about half the price! The natural beauty is that they don’t LOOK like they cost less. They’re still equally stylish and offer the same beautiful colors as the other options. For those who like to buy new scrubs regularly but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the route to take! Did I mention the wide range of plus sizes available with Luv? They carry up to 5x in all the same options, and they add seam slits for a little extra give in all the right places!
It doesn’t matter where you work; at the end of the day, the durability of your work uniforms is a must. Take advantage of this list to ensure you’ve squared away before your next shift!
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