What To Wear Under Scrubs

What To Wear Under Scrubs

What To Wear Under Scrubs

When it comes to scrubs, comfort and functionality are key. As a healthcare professional, you spend long hours on your feet, constantly moving and attending to patients. That’s why what you wear underneath your scrubs plays a crucial role in keeping you comfortable throughout your shift. Lucky for you, Scrub Pro is here to help you learn about all things underscrubs. From t-shirts and tanks to socks and underwear, learn about what you should wear under your scrubs!

Scrub Undershirts

A scrub undershirt is an essential garment that provides an extra layer of comfort and protection under your scrubs. Most healthcare professionals prefer their undershirts to be made from a soft and breathable fabric so that they can perform their best. Whatever scrub brand you prefer, your undershirt should create ventilation, wick away sweat, and regulate your temperature without adding bulk. Scrub undershirts are available in different styles too, so whether you’re trying to keep warm or cool, you’re covered.

Long-Sleeve Undershirts

Is your work environment frequently cold? Then a long sleeve undershirt may be for you! Long-sleeve tees are ideal for those working in colder environments or during the winter months. They provide an extra layer of warmth without compromising mobility. Whether you prefer long or short sleeve undershirts, they should always be lightweight, moisture-wicking, and designed to fit comfortably under your scrubs.

A young woman wearing a Purple Label Women's Melissa Long Sleeve T-Shirt from Healing Hands in Navy featuring a modern fit & a shaped body.

Short Sleeve Undershirts

Short sleeve undershirts are a popular choice for healthcare workers who prefer a cooler option. These undershirts are perfect for warmer climates or if you tend to overheat easily. Any short sleeve undershirt you wear should be crafted from breathable fabric so that you have air circulation under your outer scrub top.

A young female LPN wearing a Flexibilitee women's Junior Cut V-Neck Short Sleeve Tee in white size small.

Tank Tops

For those who prefer a minimalistic approach, tank tops are a great option! Underscrub tank tops offer many benefits that long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees can’t. Being sleeveless, they offer more freedom of movement in the arms and shoulders. Plus, they’re very versatile. Tank tops can serve as standalone tops in certain situations, they’re easy to layer, and they offer temperature regulation. With tank tops, you have the flexibility to alter your uniform to your work environment.

Leggings or Thermal Underwear

When the weather gets chilly, wearing leggings or thermal underwear under your scrubs can provide an extra layer of insulation. Despite their insulating properties, leggings and thermal underwear are designed to be breathable. They allow airflow and ventilation so that you don’t overheat during a shift. Always look for leggings made from thin, soft, and stretchy materials, so that you get warmth without adding bulk. 

Biker Shorts or Compression Shorts

If you prefer a shorter option that provides support and coverage, biker shorts or compression shorts may be for you. These shorts provide compression and muscle support, reducing fatigue caused by long hours on your feet. And we can’t forget about thigh chafing prevention! Thigh chafing is a common issue for many healthcare workers who are constantly on the move. Biker shorts and compression shorts both provide a layer of protection between the thighs, minimizing friction and reducing the risk of chafing.

Socks and Underwear

Of course, we can't forget about the importance of comfortable socks and underwear. The socks you wear with your scrubs should be made with moisture-wicking properties and have cushioned soles for maximum comfort. Try opting for socks that provide arch support and seamless toe construction to prevent blisters and discomfort too.

 An image of the side of the of Women's Compression Socks from NurseMates in "Lemon Squeezy" featuring 12-14 mmHg Graduated Compression to help improve circulation and relieve leg fatigue.

Last but certainly not least, choosing the right underwear is essential for comfort and hygiene. Look for underwear that is made from fabric that provides breathability and prevents excess moisture buildup.

Find Your Perfect Underscrubs

What you wear under your scrubs can have a major impact on your comfort and focus during long shifts. Scrub Pro Uniforms understands the importance of providing healthcare professionals with high-quality and comfortable undergarments that enhance their work experience. From scrub undershirts to leggings and biker shorts, socks, and more, Scrub Pro has what you need. Upgrade your underscrubs or start your collection today with Scrub Pro!