Prestige Medical 5.5" Stylemate Utility Scissors in "Love & Believe" print.
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Prestige Medical

The Prestige Medical 5.5" Premium Fluoride Scissor features a revolutionary fluoride coating that provides a non-stick surface for cutting tape and bandages. The blades feature milled shear serrations and are made of high-quality 420 surgical grade stainless steel making them a great option.

The Prestige Medical 5.5" Nurse Utility Scissors are made of 420 surgical-grade stainless steel. The serrations on these shears are milled, not stamped, for cutting through clothing and bandages more easily.

For a scissor that can really do it all, the Prestige Medical 5.5" Lister Scissors are it. These bandage scissors have an angled tip to help cut bandages without nicking the skin. They can also be used for sizing dressings and removing circumferential bandages. You can even use them to cut tougher materials such as plaster, fabric, and even an umbilical cord.