Celebrating 20 Years of Scrub Pro - Scrub Pro Uniforms

Celebrating 20 Years of Scrub Pro - Scrub Pro Uniforms

Celebrating 20 Years of Scrub Pro - Scrub Pro Uniforms

From Humble Beginnings to 22 Stores Across 5 States

Twenty years ago, Scrub Pro began as a small section in Baltimore, Maryland's Kelso Drive location. Today, we proudly serve healthcare and culinary professionals across five mid-Atlantic states with 22 stores. Scrub Pro employs 300 employees, many of whom have been with the company since its inception. Our journey has been one of growth, commitment, and unwavering dedication to our community.



Meet the Founder: Mr. Tom

The heart and soul behind Scrub Pro is Mr. Tom, a humble and hardworking individual with over 50 years of experience in the clothing industry. Starting with selling products from the trunk of his car while working at a steel factory, Tom opened his first store on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. Seeing a need for quality scrubs, he expanded the business to include sportswear and scrubs 20 years ago.

The Inspiration

Tom recognized that nurses and healthcare professionals were underserved in our community. He was driven to offer them high-quality products at value prices, ensuring they had the best workwear gear to support their vital work.

The Early Days: Challenges and Growth

Initially, Tom operated as a wholesaler, selling to small merchants in the area. However, these wholesale customers of Tom’s dried up when big-box stores began to dominate the market. Consequently, Tom pivoted to a business-to-consumer (B2C) model, offering unmatched value directly to consumers, which set the stage for Scrub Pro’s success.



Major Milestones

One of the significant turning points was moving to a more prominent location on Eastern Avenue and expanding our product line to include scrubs in 2004. Scrubs now account for 70% of our business. In 2013, recognizing the demand for customized products, we invested in a six-head embroidery machine to provide in-house embroidery services, saving our customers time. By 2016, we had expanded to four embroidery machines.

Today, our corporate accounts take advantage of these embroidery services offered by Scrub Pro for their employees. We cater to over 20 local and national businesses for their workwear needs. Additionally, online customers can request embroidery on their workwear scrubs by contacting our customer service department.

Evolution of Scrub Pro

What started as a few racks of scrub products in our stores has grown into a comprehensive department, including scrubs, shoes, accessories, and private labels. Our e-commerce presence has allowed us to provide affordable workwear scrubs, footwear, and accessories nationwide. We continue to expand online, with plans to sell on Google Shopping and Amazon. Recently, we launched the Scrub Pro Rewards program for our loyal shoppers, enabling them to earn points for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for discounts, free items, or even free shipping.

Core Values and Vision

Scrub Pro stands for exceptional value, dedication to our employees, and a commitment to our community. We support food banks, homeless shelters, and college nursing program fundraisers. Our vision is to be the most supportive and trusted company for healthcare professionals and beyond, offering exceptional customer service, comprehensive product knowledge, competitive pricing, and fostering a sense of community.



Community and Team

We are a family-run company that values long-term dedication from our employees. Our team works together to ensure everyone has the support they need. This family-like atmosphere sets us apart and drives our commitment to offering the best customer service and value-priced products.

Unique Offerings and Future Goals

Scrub Pro's unique advantage lies in our people. We have been blessed to retain our team for many years, and their dedication shines through in everything we do. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to offer online services, ensuring our customers had access to the products they needed.

Achievements and Future Vision

We are proud to have been named Cherokee Retailer of the Year, a testament to our commitment to excellence. As part of our growth plan to support our valued customers in the healthcare industry, we opened a new Scrub Pro retail location at Potomac Mills in 2023. We aim to expand our value nationwide, increasing our buying power to offer more aggressive pricing for our customers. In the next five years, we strive to be present on all major online marketplaces and open more stores nationwide.

SCRUB PRO Uniforms: Two Decades of Excellence

If you need new scrubs, medical devices, nursing accessories, or anything of the sort; Scrub Pro has them! Both online and in-store, you’ll find an unbeatable selection with fast shipping, hassle-free returns and exchanges, and exceptional customer service.

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