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New Year, New Scrubs: Choosing the Right Workwear for 2024

New Year, New Scrubs: Choosing the Right Workwear for 2024

2024 is here, and with it, New Year’s Resolutions. Some of you are shooting for healthier bodies, more active lifestyles, and out-of-this-world goal accomplishments. Let’s be honest, though. You haven’t thought about your scrubs. They’ve served you well for another year and have taken untold abuses. Yet, they're back at it after only a quick spin in the wash. 
Have you taken a good look at them lately? A perfect look? They’re tattered, torn, faded, and have lost their fit. They’re unrecognizable and aren’t providing you the professional look they used to. This study found that patient trust and confidence in their medical provider are directly affected by the professionalism displayed by their uniforms. What message are your scrubs sending? 
It’s a new year, and it’s time to upgrade those scrubs and give yourself the gift of comfort and a professional look. Where do you begin? At Scrub Pro, of course! With 22 in-person retail locations and convenient online shopping options, you can’t go wrong.  

Which Scrubs are Best for You? 

Choosing the right scrubs is a big deal. You’ll practically live in them, and they must be right! Before you start, consider several aspects of scrub shopping. Let’s break them down. 


What is required of you? Does your workplace require long sleeves? Solids? Prints? A certain color? Jogger pants? Specific scrub brands? Knowing what is required of you is the first place to start. Scrub Pro’s most popular nursing colors are royal Blue Scrubs and Caribbean Blue Scrubs. 


What fit is most important to you? Are you a fashion-forward nurse who wants a modern look? Are comfort and mobility most important to you? Do you like snug or loose-fit clothing? Many fit options are available, so knowing what aspects of fit speak to you is a must. Scrub Pro’s most fashionable option: Jogger-style women’s scrub pants 


What’s your temp? Do you tend to run hot, constantly wishing your scrub fabric was more breathable? Are you always cold, piling on layers and wishing you could turn up the heat? When it comes to temperature, scrub fabric matters. Scrub Pro’s top Seasonal Nursing Scrubs: Cherokee Warm-Up Jacket and Flexibility Short Sleeve Tee 


What’s your luggage situation? Do you need a million pockets to hold all your essentials, or do you store necessities in a utility bag at your workstation? Do yourself a favor and make choices that keep you organized. It’ll make a massive difference in the flow of your shift. Scrub Pro’s top pick for great storage: Fleece Scrub Jacket 


What’s your budget? Some brands are a little easier on the wallet than others. It’s important to know where you stand before you get started. Scrub Pro’s budget-friendly pick: Landau scrubs 
Whether you’re shopping online or in person, make some notes about what’s most important to you, and be sure that your choices check each box before you buy. 
The Epic by MedWorks logo, the Skechers by Barco logo and the Healing Hands Scrubs logo on a white background.

Scrub Pro Has the Newest Scrub Brands: 

The beauty of Scrub Pro is that you can find all your favorite brands, including Skechers, Epic by MedWorks, and even Healing Hands Scrubs, in one place! If you’re unsure which suits you, pop into one of the retail locations to try them on or order several options and take advantage of hassle-free returns and exchanges.  
Healing Hands Scrubs is currently one of the most popular, comfortable, and streamlined options! Their fit is modern, with scrub sets for both men and women. Plus, their print selections, like the one on this Bouffant Scrub Cap, are stunning! 

Scrub Pro's Hottest Colors: 

What’s your color? Scrub Pro has them all! Hunter green scrubs like this Cherokee Infinity Women’s Round Neck Scrub Top or sleek black scrubs like this Meraki Sport Jogger Scrub Pants will keep you looking fashionable in your chosen color! For those who love blue, there are ceil blue, navy blue, royal blue, and Caribbean blue scrubs, all with unique, saturated pigments. You’ll find a large selection of scrubs that don’t fade, made with durable materials designed to last, and beautiful prints of all styles. 

Best Medical Scrubs for Men: 

Male nurses, Scrub Pro, sees you! More than 500,000 of you are in the U.S., and the number continues to grow. To ensure you’re dressed just right, check out this ultimate guide to the best scrubs for men! 
From breathable materials that keep you cool and fresh to cuts that complement your shape, you’ll find exactly what you need to look professional and stylish during those long days on the floor. Scrub Pro’s top pick for men is the Barco Motion V-Neck Scrub Top. It’s both comfortable and durable without compromising style and fit. 

Best Scrub Uniforms for Women: 

If you’re unsure which scrub brand will work best with your shape, check out this guide to different scrubs for different shapes! Whether you have an athletic build, a pear shape, or are rocking the inverted triangle, a scrub brand will work for you in sizes ranging from XXS Petite to 7XL. 
Stylish scrubs for women aren’t always easy to find, but Scrub Pro’s wide range of options lets you show off your fashion sense. The Urbane Essentials straight-leg pants might be the best fit if you like lots of breathing room. Check out these Skechers joggers for those who want something more modern and slim. There are even skirts and dresses! 

Cute Maternity Nurse Scrubs: 

Scrub Pro knows that pregnant women want to look professional, too! That’s why they offer a range of comfortable, supportive, functional, and stylish maternity styles. Ditch the oversized T-shirt and show off that baby bump in a WonderWink or HH-Works scrub set. 

Don't Forget the Underscrubs:

A young female LPN wearing a white underscrub and coral scrub pant on a grey background.

Underscrubs don’t get enough credit! They work hard under there, keeping you comfortable throughout your entire shift. Plus, they double as a clean shirt when you quickly pull your scrub top off. So, when replacing your scrub sets, check out the available collection of underscrubs. 
Scrub Pro’s excellent selection provides everything you’ll need to upgrade your look for the new year. From the best in scrubs to fantastic footwear and accessories, you’ll look stylish and prepped to make 2024 the best year ever! 
 SCRUB PRO Uniforms: Two Decades of Excellence
 You need new scrubs, and Scrub Pro has them! Both online and in-store, you’ll find an unbeatable selection with fast shipping, hassle-free returns and exchanges, and unsurpassed customer service. 
  • Find your nearest store: Check out our locations to find the closest one.
  • Shop online: Can’t make it to the store? Explore our entire collection from the comfort of your home at ScrubPro.com. 

Step into the new year with confidence and style! 
 Tammy McKinney, a seasoned Registered Nurse & distinguished healthcare writer
Tammy McKinney, a seasoned Registered Nurse, distinguished healthcare writer, and founder of HelpfulHospiceNurse.com, is committed to using her medical knowledge to educate, inform, and entertain healthcare workers and their patients. To connect with Tammy directly, check her out on LinkedIn.