Prestige Medical Colored Full-Frame Adjustable Eyewear in pink
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Prestige Medical
Printed Full Frame Adjustable Eyewear from Prestige Medical in "Polka Dots".
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Prestige Medical

Scrub Pro: Keeping Your Eyes Protected in Style with Medical Eyewear

Medical eyewear is an essential part of your healthcare uniform. By offering a variety of styles with superior safety features and comfortable designs, we can help you protect your eyes while maintaining a polished and professional look.


Safety First, Style Included:

  • Anti-Fog Lenses: Say goodbye to blurry vision! Their medical eyewear features anti-fog lenses that resist fogging up, ensuring clear vision during procedures and examinations.
  • Anti-Scratch Protection: Scratches can compromise both vision and safety. Our eyewear features anti-scratch coatings to keep your lenses clear and functional.
  • Impact-Resistant: Protecting your eyes from accidental bumps or splashes is crucial. Their eyewear is made with impact-resistant materials for added safety.

Comfort Throughout Your Shift:

  • Lightweight Design: Heavy eyewear can cause fatigue and discomfort. Scrub Pro offers lightweight frames that are comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Adjustable Features: Look for glasses with adjustable nose pads and temple tips for a customized fit that minimizes slipping or pressure points.
  • Multiple Styles: Choose a style that complements your face shape and personal taste, from classic rectangular frames to adjustable full-frame eyewear.

At Scrub Pro, we believe in providing healthcare professionals with everything they need to perform their duties safely and comfortably. Our selection of medical eyewear offers a stylish and effective way to protect your eyes and maintain a professional appearance. Visit us online or in-store today and discover the perfect pair of medical eyewear to see you through your workday!

Need help finding what you were looking for? Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about lens coatings, frame options, and compatibility with prescription lenses.