A Prestige Medical Retractable Tape Measure in White on a solid white background.
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Scrub Pro: Essential Tools for Every Healthcare Provider - Medical Tape Measures

Medical tape measures are a tool every medical professional should have nearby when practicing. Whether you’re measuring a patient’s body parts such as waist, hips, neck, check or thigh circumference, or the dimensions of a wound, a reliable medical tape measure is a must.

What makes one medical tape measure better than another? Getting the right dimensions on the first try and accurate measurements every time can all come down to the material of the measurement tool. A quality medical tape measure is made with highly flexible vinyl material and an easy-to-use applicator. The Prestige Medical Retractable Tape Measure is a great option. It’s not only made from great materials, but it fits easily in your pocket so you can take it with you anywhere.

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