Rewards Program FAQs

How do I Participate?

Ready to join in? Great! Here's how to get started:

  1. Click the avatar next to the shopping bag in the upper right corner of your screen
  2. Select "create account" from the dropdown menu
  3. Once you've signed up, click on the "Scrub Pro Rewards, Join For Sweet Perks" red banner pop-up that appears in the lower corner of the Scrub Pro Website.
  4. Select Join Now and create your account.

Now you're all set to dive into the fun and start earning points!

How can I earn points?

Earning points is a breeze!

When you're logged into your Scrub Pro Rewards account page which can be accessed through the pop up at the lower corner of Scrub Pro website, just head to the Rewards tab to see all the exciting activities waiting for you.

Start off strong by becoming a Scrub Pro Rewards member, then consider becoming a subscriber for extra perks and discounts. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to the Silver Tier! 🎉

Another way to access the Rewards page is that there is a Rewards link at the footer of Scrub Pro website.

How can I spend my points?

Redeeming your points is as easy as pie!

  • Login: Start by logging into your Scrub Pro Rewards account. 
  • Discover your Rewards: navigate to the "Rewards" tab to see the exciting rewards available for redemption. 
  • Choose your Reward: Whether its enjoying free shipping or indulging in your favorite brand-name items, your points are ready to make it happen! 🤩
Redeeming Your Earned Rewards:

When you've earned your reward, you'll see either a "copy' or "redeem" button. Here's how to use them:

  • Copy Button: If you see a copy button, simply click or tap it to copy the discount code. Then head over to the checkout and paste the code into the shopping cart. Need a little help? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to apply your code at checkout
  • Redeem Button: If there's a redeem button, clicking or tapping it will automatically apply your reward to your shopping cart at checkout. Easy, right? 

With these options, using your rewards is more convenient than ever. Get ready to enjoy the perks of being part of the Scrub Pro family! 

Can I use more than one discount/coupon code at once?

No, you can only use one discount/coupon code per order. Rewards also cannot be combined with any other discount/coupon codes.

Where can I find my "Refer A Friend" link?

Finding your "Refer A Friend" link is a piece of cake! There are two easy steps to get there:

  1. Log into your Scrub Pro store account and then navigate to your Scrub Pro Rewards account.

-Here's how:

  • Click on the account icon in the upper right corner next to the shopping bag icon.
  • Select "login" from the dropdown menu.
  • Log in and after you've logged in, you'll be asked to log in again, that will be to your Scrub Pro Rewards account.
  • Once logged in, simply type in this in your URL:, and viola! The Scrub Pro Rewards banner will pop open.
  • Under the Scrub Pro Referral Program, you will see your referral link, just click "Copy" and start sharing the love!
  1. If that doesn't work for you, don't worry! Here's plan B!
  • After logging into your Scrub Pro store and reward accounts, head to the footer of the website
  • Click on the Rewards link and you'll be taken straight to your Rewards account page.

Easy peasy! Now you're ready to spread the word and help others earn rewards while you earn some for yourself.

How Does The "Refer A Friend" Link Work?

Spread the joy and reap the rewards with our "Refer A Friend" program! Share your unique link with friends or colleagues who haven't shopped with Scrub Pro Uniforms yet. Here's the scoop:

  1. Your friend receives the link and creates a Scrub Pro Rewards account.
  2. When they make their first purchase, you'll both celebrate - they get to shop and save, and you score $10 off your next order.

It's a win-win for everyone. 🙌🏻

👉 p.s. When your friend creates their Scrub Pro Rewards account, they may need to refresh their screen to get their friend referral discount code from you.

Do my rewards points ever disappear?

Nope, your points are here to stay! Keep an eye out for notifications delivered to your inbox to stay updated on your point balance and rewards.

Do my store purchases apply towards the rewards program?

The Scrub Pro Rewards program is exclusively for online purchases, so in-store purchases unfortunately don't apply. But don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities to earn points online!

Ready to start earning? Let's get rewarded! 🛍

Reward Tier Levels Points Earned
Bronze 100
Silver 250
Gold 500
Platinum 1,000